New Member Admissions

Membership Admissions Policy

The Shinnecock Yacht Club is a yachting community. Accordingly, all candidates recommended for admission by the Admissions Committee must have a demonstrated interest and commitment to boating.  Although it is not necessary that a candidate own a boat, a prospective member’s bona fide interest in boating is of paramount importance and is a prerequisite for membership consideration. Active boating, boat ownership and family involvement take precedence over, but not to the exclusion of other characteristics, such as civic and community services.

The process to which a candidate becomes a member has two separate parts and both parts occur annually.  First the board will determine the number of openings for new members in the calendar year.  This is a function of many factors, including but not limited to the number of departed members, member demographics, program initiatives and an assessment of strains of club infrastructure to the detriment of current member experience.  The other part of the process is the selection of candidates put forth by the Membership Committee for ratification by the Board. This is a process of evaluating a candidate’s perceived contribution to the betterment of the Club as an association of like-minded members.

A member in good standing, for at least 3 years, can propose a new candidate. It is the responsibility of the Proposer to see that the Membership Committee receives a completed application including letters from the First proposer, a seconder and three supporting letters from current Club members knowing the candidate(s). Only completed applications will be accepted.

Members and their spouses may propose only one candidate per calendar year.

Officers or Trustees and their spouses may not propose or second any candidate for admission. Should a person who has proposed or seconded a candidate for admission be nominated or elected to serve as an Officer or Trustee, that person should promptly seek another member to replace them as the proposer or seconder of such candidate.  Such replacement member shall complete a new proposer or seconder form for the candidate.  A candidate proposed or seconded by a person nominated or elected as an Officer or Trustee will not be considered for approval until such replacement process has been completed.

Letters from Officers and Trustees, members nominated to serve as Officers and Trustees, or their spouses may be written and may be considered by the Admissions Committee but shall not count toward any requirement for a minimum number of letters.

Proposers are expected to take ownership of their candidate’s application process, thus chaperoning their candidacy throughout the process of introducing them to the membership, most notably the majority of Trustees, Officers, and the Membership Committee.  The events may be held at the home of the proposer, candidate, or at the SYC subject to approval by the Membership Chairman.

The purpose is to familiarize the members with the candidates.  This is not the same as meeting at a crowded event.

Consideration of Openings in the Membership
The Admissions Committee shall recommend to the Board only candidates who are well qualified, without regard to whether there then remain openings in the ranks of the membership. No candidate considered by the Admissions Committee to be marginally qualified should be recommended for admission out of a desire to fill vacancies in the membership ranks.

Applications must be received by the Membership Chairman by December 31st.  Applications received after December 31st will be considered the following year.

All candidates will receive notification of their election to membership on or before May 1st.

Applications that are pending more than one year will need to be reaffirmed by the proposer to remain valid applications.  Deferred applications must be reaffirmed each year by the proposer in writing to the Membership Committee by November 1st.

Children and grandchildren of current members, upon attaining the age of 30, who wish to continue using the Club, must become members by submitting an application and paying the current year’s dues.  After obtaining the age of 35, they will be required to pay the initiation fee and current year’s dues.  No letters are required.

Former Club members who left in good standing and wish to rejoin the Club will have a fee equal to 50% of the initiation fee plus the current annual dues.  No letters are required.

In the event that the Club membership is at capacity and waiting list becomes necessary, children and grandchildren of current members will have preference over new applicants.  Among new applicants, special consideration will be given to returning members, those with sailing experience, and those with boat ownership.

The proposer may obtain an application from the Membership Chairman.

Guidelines For Proposers of Candidates For Membership

The following summarizes certain Club by-laws and Board policies and offers suggestions from the Admissions Committee to assist a Proposer with a Shinnecock Yacht Club membership application.  Questions concerning specific pending applications should be directed to the Committee Co-Chairs.

Admissions Criteria

The Board of Trustees and the Admissions Committee are extremely mindful that we are a community yacht club.  Article II of our by-laws state: “The purpose of the Club is to encourage its members in the personal control and handling of their yachts in a safe and responsible manner, and to encourage sailing as a sport among the children of Quogue and the surrounding environs.”  In this light, all candidates for membership should have a demonstrated interest and commitment to boating.  Although it is not necessary that a candidate own a boat, a prospective member’s bona fide interest in boating is of paramount importance.  Active boating, boat ownership and family involvement take precedence over, but not to the exclusion of other characteristics, such as civic and community services.

The Admissions Committee is interested in candidates who will use and contribute to the Club and its continued success.  With this in mind, the candidate’s business reputation, financial responsibility, standing in the community and similar matters should be covered in letters from the Proposer and Seconder, as well as from other members.  In addition, the social reputation and activities of the candidate in community affairs, as well as that of the children, are also of great interest to the Committee.  Therefore, we suggest that sponsors (and not the applicant) obtain letters from members who know the entire family well, and that casual business or “cocktail” letters be kept to a minimum.

Application for Membership Forms

The candidate must complete, sign and date the Application for Membership Form #1.  The Proposer and Seconder must complete Form #2.

A minimum of three supporting letters from Club members must accompany the application to the Admissions Committee.  This is in addition to the letters from the Proposer and Seconder. Additional letters are welcome.  It is especially helpful for the Committee to have supporting letters from those who personally know the applicant’s boating experience.  Please remember that all letters received from members must be signed for them to be considered.

The Proposer must submit the originals of the completed forms and letters, along with three (3) collated copies of all forms and letters to constitute an “application package.”  Due to the confidential nature of the application process, only the Admissions Committee sees the application package, including making additional copies should the need arise.

Additional Suggestions for Proposers

Before the Initial Application.  The Admissions Committee strongly suggests that Club members, when agreeing to sponsor a candidate for membership, avoid the following common missteps during the application process:

  1. Limited Personal Knowledge of the Applicant. Not knowing your candidate well and/or not being able to independently articulate the ways this candidate will contribute to the purpose of the club and make the club a better place is not helpful.  The Proposer and Seconder should “add to” the information provided by the candidate, particularly providing detail of personal contact with the candidate(s) and family.  Restating information from the candidate’s application is neither helpful to the Admissions Committee nor beneficial to the candidate’s application.
  2. Few Members have Good Knowledge of the Applicant.  Proposing a candidate who is new to the area, with the idea that the sooner they apply, the sooner they will be admitted, is not helpful.  Usually, such candidate may not be broadly known in the community and are unable to obtain genuine, meaningful support.  Therefore, a potentially good candidate may often suffer because of a premature application.
  3. Incomplete Applications. Not submitting a completed application on behalf of the candidate, including all the letters, or not responding to Admission Committee requests or suggestions, is not helpful.  It is both proper and helpful for the Proposer to inform the Admissions Committee of changes in boating experience or other information.  The Proposer is THE contact with the Committee, and is responsible to ensure that the Committee has all necessary supporting information.

The Admissions Committee encourages the Proposer to share with their respective applicant the cost of membership schedule (found under “First Year Costs” in the Club directory).

Any questions regarding the availability of dock and/or mooring space should be referred to the Fleet Captain.

After the Initial Application.   The Admissions Committee evaluates applicants and proposes to the Board the best applicant(s) on an annual basis provided the club has capacity.  We accord no preference for older applications.  As we receive new applications and obtain additional information on candidates, our evaluation of a specific candidate may change. Consequently, the Proposer should keep the Admissions Committee fully informed of any developments with the applicant that could affect the quality of their application.

After Admission.   Once the sponsored applicant gains admission, the role of the Proposer should not end.  The Proposer should encourage their respective applicant to become an active participant in the Club, both on and off the water. Joining a Committee, for example, can be a great way to become integrated in the Club more quickly.

Membership Fees

FEE Tax Total
Membership $400.00 $37.95 $477.95
Initiation Fee $3,000.00 $258.75 $3,258.75
Moorings* Motor Boats $685.00 $59.08 $744.08
Moorings* Sailboats $560.00 $48.30 $608.30
Dock Slip* $1,310.00 $112.99 $1,422.99
Storage* $130.00 $11.21 $141.21

*Subject to Availability.
Membership cannot guarantee a mooring, dock slip or storage.
See Fleet Captain for availability.