Private Events

The Clubhouse has very limited space but can be used by members for private parties as long as these events do not disturb our neighbors or disrupt fellow members who are on site. 

A private party is one not sanctioned by the Club and one in which not all members are invited. 

All private parties must be approved by the House Committee.

There is a maximum of 50 attendees for all private events. All events must conclude by 10:00pm (2200 hours).

Charges for the Use of the Clubhouse for Private Parties
Rental fees are $300 for either the upper deck or the lower clubhouse and $500 for the use of the entire Clubhouse, based on a 3-hour event. These fees are subject to change.

Booking Events
Any Member who wishes to use all or part of the Clubhouse for a private party must make a request to the Club Manager, who will then request approval of the House Committee. Each event must be scheduled and booked with the Club Manager at least 10 days in advance in writing. The number of people attending the event and the type of event must be provided to the Club Manager when requesting the event.

Scheduling of Event
To preserve the Club as a facility primarily for the use and enjoyment of members, no private parties are allowed to be booked for holiday weekends.

Any and all damage to the Clubhouse or premises occurring during or in connection with a private party shall be the sole responsibility of the hosting.  Member and all costs associated with repairing such damage shall be borne solely by the hosting member.

Deliveries and set-up for event should be scheduled within 2 hours prior to event start time. Any deliveries that cannot be scheduled during this time, please contact the club manager to schedule. Clean-up must be complete by 10pm.

Music can be played from the Clubhouse, but the volume must be low, so as to not disturb our neighbors. Music can be played only until 9:00pm.

Garbage Removal
Trash must be removed by the Member party host.